ASHEBORO N.C. — Effective January 1st, 2024, Acme Ventures LLC will officially transfer ownership of Randolph News Now to the North State Journal. This milestone marks the end of an important chapter for our company and the beginning of a new journey for Randolph News Now.

To prepare for the change in ownership a new logo and look for Randolph News Now was rolled out to the website and social media accounts overnight. This new looks will better reflect the sites new ownership and match North State Journals branding.

After the date of the transition Acme Ventures LLC will no longer control the operations, policies, or hosting for the site. All future inquires should be directed to the North State Journal.

Since late 2020, Acme Ventures has worked tirelessly to build a local news site from the ground up, publishing over 1,000 articles and achieving more than two million page views.

With the resources and expertise of the North State Journal now behind the site we are excited to see where it will go next. We remain confident that the North State Journal will continue to uphold the editorial standards and commitment to local news we have instilled in the site since day one.

“We are immensely proud of what we have accomplished,” said Scott Pelkey, Managing Director at Acme Ventures. “I acknowledge that this transition, which has been coming for a while now, and it brings with it mixed emotions.”

Our team at Acme Ventures LLC has poured our hearts into Randolph News Now, and we deeply appreciate the support and loyalty of our readers and supporters over the years.

To our readers, our supporters, and everyone who shared in this incredible journey, thank you.